Nail Piercing Ideas To Express Boldness

Nail Piercing Ideas

When we talk about nail designs, most women have only thought about nail polish and pedicures used to buff, embellish, and strengthen nails only. This is a very simple method in nail design. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian’s, Demi Lovato, and many others have all rocked this style of decent nail art over the years and have been a big part of the creative method of making this amazing nail art a fact.

Nail piercings do not damage and are typically done at the center end of artificial nails by approved piercers. After the hole is in place, jewelry can be added in various sizes and shades. Women usually select the middle two fingers to pierce, although it’s not out of the question to pierce the pointer or ring finger. You can also choose between single piercings or look-alikes! Because nail piercing is completely secure and there is little risk of infection, there’s no reason not to try this funky trend.

Gorgeous Ideas for Nail Piercing

Today we plan to discuss nail piercing. It is a type of piercing that does not leave any spots but looks stunning and adds “zest” to the image. How to do such a design? Must read our article.

1. Chain Links

Nail Piercing Ideas To Express Boldness

Demi Lovato’s lengthy black nails feature three nail piercings connected by a silver chain. We love the contrasting punk/gothic black and silver colors together, but you can test with other shades also.

2 Long Nails with mark

Long Nails with dots are super pretty with silver round piercings. Before seeing a nail tech, check out the different varieties in spot sizes and shades.

3 Gems and Stones

Where do we start with these same blue beauties? From nail art to gems to jeweled piercings, this is the way to remark with your nails..

4. Elegant Red

Nail Piercing Ideas To Express Boldness

Sometimes a girl just desires a classy bright red nail for a night out. These pointy nails are accented with two piercings with missive pleasures.

5. Gothic Numbers

Using Gothic lettering or digits on pierced nails is another cool method to add extra detail. Consider bold black numbers on a white nail and dual gold rounds on your thumb and ring finger.

6. Pink Nails

Nail Piercing Ideas To Express Boldness

These pink nails are enough beautiful even without the piercing. You can add a butterfly delight to the piercing spot to make the nails more stylish.

7. Love Lock

Nail Piercing Ideas To Express Boldness

The same nails as examined above can give a different look if you use a clock rather than a key. This structure can be noticed from a different view too. The heart-shaped spiral may guide your love lock which is delaying for the key lessor.

8. White Glow

Nail Piercing Ideas To Express Boldness

White glow nails are beautiful. if they are pierced carefully. Never go overboard with nail piercing. Maintain it easy and light like that of this image.

9. Big Love

Nail Piercing Ideas To Express Boldness

This design is a bit weird for my fondness. But, preference ranges from man to man. So, you can have this big love at the shelter of your nails if you desire.

10. Abstract Floral Art

Nail Piercing Ideas To Express Boldness

This design looks good as a lengthy charm is hanging from the lid of the stiletto nails. At first, you can paint the black nails in abstract flowery art. Then the piercing will do the rest.

11. Burning Red

Nail Piercing Ideas To Express Boldness
A small pendant added to the pierced nail can improve the beauty of burning red nails to a wonderful extent. Piercing creates the nails look better hot and pretty.

12. Cross Nail Designs

Nail Piercing Ideas To Express Boldness

You can compile two different nail designs together through this design. Nail piercing and cross nails are both beautiful nail designs.

13. Piercing Star

This design will pave the way for hundreds of designs. At first, paint your nails with any color you like. Apply some glitters to them. Glitter nails are prepared. Now prepare a spot at the tip of any of the nails and add a star to the hole. You can hang any type of treats from that spot and all of them will be viewed as nail piercing.

Nail piercing is evidently beautiful if it is done by following useful guidelines. But before going additional, think twice. When you carry a nail design or any design it expresses your personality. If you think you are that kind of a person whose image goes with nail piercing then go for it. Otherwise, design your nails in other ways. You can be inspired by the designs on our website.

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