How To Easily Lose Weight By Summer: The Best Safe Diets

How To Easily Lose Weight By Summer: The Best Safe Diets
How To Easily Lose Weight By Summer: The Best Safe Diets

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A healthy diet diet will help not only lose extra pounds, but also maintain your health and body in tone. Radio MAXIMUM tells about the most effective spring diets.

Dr. Dylan’s diet
The diet consists of four stages – attack, alternation, fixation, stabilization – and allows you to lose 5 to 30 kg of excess weight. Of course, it all depends on the period of time you spend, eating on the principles of this diet. The first phase can last 3-10 days and you can eat low-fat meat, chicken, turkey, low-fat fish, seafood, dairy products with zero fat content and chicken eggs. In the alternation phase, you will have to spend as much time as you want to lose the pound.

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How To Easily Lose Weight By Summer: The Best Safe Diets

Do you want to lose 10 kg? Then, stay at this stage for a month. The remaining products are in the first phase, but vegetables and fruits are added. You can also consume some of the previously banned products. At the stage of consolidation, you also need to sit two or three weeks, or even a month. To the ration of the second phase are added 2 slices of bread per day, 40 g cheese and 2 times a week you can arrange a feast for your stomach, but it should not be 2 consecutive days.

Stage stabilization is a return to the usual diet, however once a week you will need to arrange a day of famine – you can only drink water and tea, herbal infusions, and just eat bran.

Lightweight spring diet

How To Easily Lose Weight By Summer: The Best Safe Diets

The diet is for 7 days, it can be repeated 3-4 times a year. This is more of a diet not to lose weight, but to cleanse the body. The diet is based on low-protein foods that consist of complex carbohydrates and fiber. Vegetables (carrots, beets, radishes, turnips) must be torn on small grafts. For large openings rub the zucchini and artichoke. Slice the slices of onion, cabbage, cucumbers, dill, celery. In this way, vegetables will retain as much vitamins and minerals as possible.

How To Easily Lose Weight By Summer: The Best Safe Diets

I breakfast: to choose from, you can eat crispy bread (3 slices), 40 g rolls with seeds, salad or rye grains with grated apples and vegetables. II Breakfast: 40 g of bread rolls and a glass of sugar-free vegetable juice.

Lunch: various salads. Noon: 40 g of beef rolls and a glass of sugar-free vegetable juice. Dinner: you can eat 2 small potatoes welded in a uniform, a small bowl of salad or vegetable soup. Before going to bed: 40 g of grains and a glass of sugar-free vegetable juice. After the first two days in the menu should be added milk and dairy products (15 g protein per day is recommended). To improve the results of the diet, you must drink at least 2 liters of water without gas every day.

Buckwheat diet
If you choose reliability and benefit, the best way to lose weight for you is the buckwheat diet. It requires the elimination from the diet of fat, caloric products, as well as products that slow down the metabolism. In addition to buckwheat, it will be useful to drink lean kefir and a lot of water during the diet. Treat during a diet can be dried fruits, they are tasty and useful. However, this variant of weight loss does not guarantee fast results.

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Mediterranean diet
The diet is based on restricting the consumption of starchy foods. Excluding them, you start to lose weight. In addition, the menu introduces garlic, onion, herbs, which slow down the aging and prevent the risk of cancer. Ration: Slice of fresh bread or cereals for breakfast, cooked or raw vegetables for lunch and dinner. Homemade pasta and rice. Raw vegetables in combination with dishes prepared from them. For example, fresh salad and soup. Fish – at least 4 times a week. Recommended: white halibut, fresh or smoked salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, trout.

Lollipop meat – 2-5 times a week. One serving should not exceed 100 g. Red meat – 1-3 times a week to replenish iron stores in the body. Beef steak and roast beef is always better than anthracite, which has a lot more fat. 2-4 eggs per week. Dairy products are mandatory, but you should abandon whole milk, milk desserts and cheese in favor of natural yoghurts and sour milk. Daily rate – two yoghurts and a piece of cheese. Fruits – three servings per day. Wine – one glass with each meal. Women will have to limit themselves to two glasses a day.

Japanese diet
Slip in Japanese or minus 5 kg in 7 days. The diet not only allows you to get rid of 5 extra pounds, but also to keep the result with due observance of the diet to three years. The main ban on a Japanese diet: sweet, flour, greasy and salty. If after leaving me

observance of all its regulations. For a Japanese diet for 7 days did not become torture for you, endure it in the style of Eastern culture. Eat wands, listen to oriental music, watch Asian movies. So Japanese diet for 7 days seems to you a lot more interesting to observe than any other similar diet.

Diet on firer

How To Easily Lose Weight By Summer: The Best Safe Diets

This is a strict method of weight loss, which is popular nowadays. There are such lightweight modifications of the sour-milk diet: with cottage cheese, firer and apple, firer and egg, with bacon firer, firer and cucumbers. In compliance with this strict procedure, the only allowed product to use – fat-free firer or 1%.

One day you need to drink a liter of sour milk drink for five meals. In the breaks drink water, at least 1.5 liters per day. After three “kefir” days you will become lighter by 1.5 pounds, in a week – by 3, in 14 days – up to 8. To avoid increasing the secretion of gastric juice, the development of gastritis, exacerbation of the ulcer, practicing a strict sour-milk diet for more than two weeks is not recommended!

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